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1st May 2021



Full Disclosure, I never thought we’d still be in quarantine when my second record would roll around, but here we are.

After Club Sunset, there was virtually any direction of music I could explore — and many, I did. I played around with a lot of styles, genres, concepts looking for ground to build this record on; yet there was this one story that kept tugging at me…


And so I dived within, to find a magical little cavern tucked away in an otherwise uncaring universe: it stood calm and inviolate, betwixt tumultuous waters. Like something forever still and frozen in an unforgiving winter, kept alive, perhaps, by only memories of warmer days. And among the cheques and cards, boots and juice-boxes, I found five figments that now make up my second record: “The End of the Line.”


I’m absolutely over the moon about this one, and so nervous and excited for you to listen to it. I wrote and produced the entire record myself, and I’m grateful to the people I worked with — some long-time collaborators and some new friends: Alicia, Stephanie, Tomas, Amalie, Enrique and Eskil; and Zyronis for painting the breathtaking cover.


It isn’t lost on me that I’m very lucky to be able to do this, to be able to follow my calling and make music right now. The world is grappling with a harrowing pandemic that’s uprooted many lives entirely. I’ve decided to help in a tiny way: all proceeds from this project, till the end of the year, will be donated to local charities helping people during the pandemic. 


This is my favourite body of music I’ve worked on, and closest to my heart. And it's out now. Click here to listen.


I hope you meet me… at The End of the Line.


Jainil. x

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