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All proceeds from Jainil’s new project will be donated to local charities

helping the underprivileged during the pandemic. 

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The End of the Line

Jainil's new record that came out May 2021 is an ode to the greatest loves. Woven in dark, earthy melodies, The End of the Line was entirely written and produced by Jainil Devani. Like a heart frozen in winter, kept alive, perhaps, by only memories of warmer days - this record consecrates the pain of tragic new age loves.
Jainil also went on Radio Kingston, New York for a special segment! Listen here.
The End of the Line was also featured on Rolling Stone India and Local Samosa, an Indian Blog! It also got a glowing review from Neil March on Trust The Doc!
Songs from The End of the Line also recieved National Airplay on Indigo Music, Bangalore & Goa, India; Freedom City Radio, India; Exile FM UK, and more!

Club Sunset

Jainil’s debut album, Club Sunset was released May 2020. The eight songs are a cathartic, pop heartbreak adventure, featuring the singles Blood (feat. Kaede.) and Heartless Lifeline (feat. Stephie Luné & Michelle Kurtz). 


The song, “So Much to Love” was featured on Radio Kingston, New York and spinned on Amazing Radio, UK.


Jainil also did an interview with FreshOutOfTheBooth, read it here!

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Hey! I’m Jainil, a 19-year old med school student and songwriter-producer. I’ve always wanted to tell stories, and these symphonies are where they’ve found home. Songwriting is something that’s incredibly close to my heart, something I always turn to.

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I released my debut album last year, and I’m putting out my next record, The End of the Line, May 2021. I’m over the moon about this one and super excited for you to listen!

As a 2nd year med school student, I’ve written articles featured in the International Medical Students Journal via IFMSA, and multiple articles for The European Sting. I also stood First in the National Video Poster Presentation at Saveetha Medical College’s Anatomy Conference iKAL. I'm also the Publishing Committee Head of IMA MSN Vadodara, and Editor in Chief of

I’m also a huge Swiftie and Taylor’s one of my biggest inspirations alongside Jack Antonoff. I also absolutely love Thomas & Friends, it was my entire childhood!

You can follow along on my Twitter and Instagram!

I hope you meet me at The End of the Line...

Jainil. x

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